Coaching Services

If you are outside the state of California and would like to work on issues related to shifting your attitude and focus, coaching may be just the ticket.

There is a difference between coaching and psychotherapy. The coaching that I do is far more focused on how you approach your life — your attitude, energy — and how to shift that in order to move you closer to having the life you want. While there is a great value in plunging one’s history to find out how and why you’ve developed the way you have, that’s more of a process for psychotherapy (if you’re in the state of California and are interested in that, please click on the “counseling” tab at the top). Coaching with me will help you to know that how you feel makes a difference, and that what you focus on influences how you feel and that you have some choice about what to focus on.

Having gotten my coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, my certification is officially a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. It is all about knowing that we can influence and direct what we experience, and shift how we feel in the moment

Couples Therapy

Issues facing GLBTQ+ individuals, partners and couples

Find deeper meaning in life

Find out what makes you happy, and how to have more of that in your life.