Coaching Services

If you are outside the state of California and would like to work on issues related to shifting your attitude and focus, coaching may be just the ticket.

There is a difference between coaching and psychotherapy. The coaching that I do is far more focused on how you approach your life — your attitude, energy — and how to shift that in order to move you closer to having the life you want. While there is a great value in plunging one’s history to find out how and why you’ve developed the way you have, that’s more of a process for psychotherapy (if you’re in the state of California and are interested in that, please click on the “counseling” tab at the top). Coaching with me will help you to know that how you feel makes a difference, and that what you focus on influences how you feel and that you have some choice about what to focus on. In psychotherapy, it is very akin to positive psychology.

Having gotten my coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, my certification is officially a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. It is all about knowing that we can influence and direct what we experience, and shift how we feel in the moment.


  • When I ‘finally’ got around to deciding that I wanted/needed personal coaching, I was led to Sara and couldn’t have been happier. From the initial interview thru all of my sessions, I was so at ease with the way she talked to me and helped me using her many powerful tools she had in her toolbox. Regardless of what circumstances I was facing, she had a solution, which I found amazing. One such awesome tool was a guided visualization Sara took me on. I was in need of finding a good tenant for my apartment, and fast, as this income was important to my financial situation. Sara led me thru this process and I was amazed at what I was seeing and feeling and actually felt like I had met someone. When we spoke again the following week, I informed her that I had found what appeared to be a great tenant. Well many months’ later my tenant is still with me, paying on time and causing absolutely no problems, unlike many previous ones. I have and will continue to recommend Sara to anyone looking to find help with the Law of Attraction. She is absolutely a talented LOA coach and an all around great person. You won’t be disappointed!

    Steve B.Long Island, NY

  • When I met Sara I was seeking greater clarity about what direction to take with my work. I was confused, filled with self-doubt, and feeling less than worthy about creating the business and career of my dreams. Sara has such a special touch for making you feel at ease. Having helped me calm down enough to think and feel clearly, she was able to gently and skillfully guide me toward figuring out my own answers and embracing a bigger vision for my life than I was able to embrace by myself. She is a gifted coach, compassionate, wise, and a true champion for my dreams. Thank you Sara.

    Julio BlancoLouisville, Colorado Founder/President Sun Turtle Naturals